A learning experience like no other!
The focus will be on developing a basic image processing application from scratch using c++.

At this point in time, image processing has great libraries out there such as openCV...but they tend to be extremely large and don't help you understand how image processing actually works in the lower aspects of it.

With some simple goals and deadlines set in place, we should be able to accomplish a simple image processing application with a few simple abilities!

Loading Phase
To start we are going to need to create the basic image loading section:
  • Loading Images
  • Writing Images
  • Altering Images

  • Editing Phase
    Next, as we complete the previously listed steps, we will proceed into the basic photo editing. These will be required in the future to help us easily capture the differences and patterns between images:
  • Greyscale Image
  • Redscale Image
  • Border Highlight Image

  • Calculation Phase
    Lastly, once this is completed, our focus will shift to mathematics and algorithms that can help us start to recognize images.
  • Noise Filtering
  • Edge Finding
  • corner Finding

  • I personally have not developed image recognition software before. Therefore, I will be learning myself as we move through this project which will make this project not very "tutorialish". However, once complete it should give everyone that joined the journey a decent understanding of image recognition and how to apply different methods in code.